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How Yahaya Bello Paid $845,000 From Kogi’s Treasury To Children’s School

In 2021, former Governor Yahaya Bello paid $845,000 as school fees for five of his children:

Farid bello grade 8, Zahra Bello grade 6, Naima Bello grade 4, Nana-fatima in grade 2, and his baby as of that time that had not started any school at all, Zayyan Ali Bello.

According to the U.S department of state, American International School of Abuja’s annual tuition rates are as follows: 

PreSchool: $7,842 dollars; Pre-Kindergarten: $8,888; Kindergaten: $14,638; grades 1-5: $17,844; grades 6-8: $19,172; grades 9-12: $21,390. Upon initial enrollment, for kindergarten to grade 12, there is a one-time capital fee of $10,000. Application form is 500 dollars.

Below is Yahaya Bello’s contract with American International School of Abuja to pay $845,000 school fees in advance. Ali Bello (on the document) is Bello’s alleged first born.

Below is the school’s response when EFCC asked them to release the money to the government, which they did.

Below are some of the receipts of the payment made on behalf of the five children listed in the contract above:

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