Adeola Fayehun

Lawmakers Stole N200 Million Christmas Rice!

Nigerians, wake up wake up, you guys are sleeping on duty! A lawmaker revealed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave them rice to distribute in their constituencies for Christmas. Did you get your rice? The special assistant to the president on social media confirmed it, uncle Segun Dada, he said each Rep. member got rice worth N100 million to distribute and each Senator got rice worth N200 million to distribute in their constituencies.

Knowing Nigeria, they’ll give them the option of either getting the rice or taking the money to buy the rice. Again, did you get your rice? Because with that N200 million, each senator is supposed to give out at least six trucks of rice, each truck can take 1,200 bags, so that is 7,200 bags of the 25 kg rice.

Let me help your matter. Each state has three senators, that is already 21,600 bags of rice. In addition to senators, each state has at least five House of Rep members that should give you about 3,600 bags of rice.

Another member of parliament, uncle Oluwole Oke confirmed that they got rice worth N100 million. But imagine my shock that despite the confirmation by the presidency, some senators are saying it’s a lie, they did not get anything from the president! E shock me! How can elderly people be lying? Even if you want to thief, Christmas gift is an abomination! Even armed robbers do giveaways on Christmas. what happened to your conscience?

You better visit your lawmaker, or tag them online! Boda Sadiq how many bags of rice did you give out? 2,500 ha!!! Boda Sadiq, even you? You did not even give us half of what Tinubu gave you or paid you to buy. Eberu oloun? By the way, the president needs to be telling us that he sent us something ooo through the Lawmakers, because as you can see, they don’t want us to know! Awon agbalagba ole, this year, we no gree for anybody!

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